OAK 2024 Conference Recordings

In early 2024, OAK held its annual conference at Kentucky State University's Harold R. Benson Research and Demonstration Farm in Frankfort, Kentucky. The sold-out conference brought together inspirational speakers and participants to join in learning and networking, with the theme Adopting Practices, Increasing Resilience, and Strengthening Systems.


OAK's 13th annual farming conference included a growing audience of hundreds of Kentuckians and neighbors active in community food systems: farmers, researchers, nonprofit professionals, federal and state agency partners, allied service providers and local food advocates working collectively to build a local, resilient and healthy food system. 


Please enjoy these recorded sessions from the 13th Annual OAK Conference, Adopting Practices, Increasing Resilience, and Strengthening Systems, on January 25-27, 2024Recordings will be released in batches on a monthly basis from May through September, 2024. Sign up for OAK Field Notes for notice of when the next batch of videos are available.


No-Till Cover Cropping on a Small to Medium Scale 

Jesse Frost - Rough Draft Farmstead; Susana Lein - Salamander Springs Farm; Joel Dufour - Earth Tools; Shawn Lucas - Kentucky State University




KEYNOTE: Cultivating Community, Wellness and Purpose Through Food and Farming

Ardis and Henry Crews - Green Rural Redevelopment Organization (GRRO)


Food Insecurity and Access in Kentucky: Panel Discussion

LaToya Drake - University of Kentucky; Jann Knappage - University of Kentucky; Taylor Ryan - Change Today Change Tomorrow; Martin Richards - Community Farm Alliance; Sharon Stone - Two Suns Farm / Woodhill International Market; Rae Strobel - Barr Farms


Digging into Sustainability Data with Farmers: Lessons from the Field for Incentivizing Climate-Smart Practices

Annie Woods - Organic Association of Kentucky (OAK); Robin Verson - Hill and Hollow Farm / OAK




Organic Transition: Resources for Success

Kenya Abraham - OAK; Brooke Gentile - OAK ; Randy Smallwood - National Resources Conservation Services


Forest Farming 101

Andrea Miller - Rural Action; Clint Quarles - Kentucky Department of Agriculture


Thank you again to the sponsors, partners and funders of OAK's 13th Annual Farming Conference.